IX Power Clean Water’s OrganiClear™ Treatment System for Produced Water 

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A complete treatment train using OrganiClear costs from $0.50 to $1.00 per barrel, saving operators from 20% to 80%, and does not create a toxic waste stream.

Water produced along with the mining of oil & gas (O&G) introduces hundreds of billions of gallons of contaminated water into the environment each year. Produced water is highly saline and contaminated with a complex mixture of salts, volatile and semi-volatile organics, metals, organic acids, and particulates, as well as additives from the drilling process. O&G companies pay to have this contaminated water cleaned or trucked to reinjection sites for disposal—an expensive and time-consuming process that can represent as much as 10% of the total cost of hydrocarbon production. Produced water accounts for 98% of the waste stream from oil & gas recovery. 

IX Power Clean Water is manufacturing a new system to eliminate organic hydrocarbons in produced water. This system, called OrganiClear, was developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). The three-part treatment system includes a Surfactant-Modified Zeolite (SMZ), Vapor Phase Bioreactor (VPB), and Membrane Bioreactor (MBR). 

This treatment system offers O&G companies and water users a cost-effective treatment process to decontaminate produced water for beneficial use. In addition to lowering production costs, IX Power OrganiClear™ will provide a new water resource for industry and agriculture, and a more environmentally friendly solution for disposing of produced water. 

Treatment Train Simpler_31Jan12The SMZ portion of the treatment system works by adsorbing organic compounds from produced water. When saturated with organics, the SMZ is regenerated by air stripping. The off-gas is directed to the VPB, which biologically converts the volatile and semivolitale components, particularly BTEX and NPD, to innocuous by-products at up to 99% removal efficiency. The produced water is then pumped through the MBR component, which removes organic acids. Finally, the treated produced water can be run through a traditional reverse osmosis (RO) or other filtering system to remove salts and dissolved solids. The result is clean water that can be used for industrial or agricultural purposes, or safely reintroduced to a water system. 

The IX Power Clean Water OrganiClear produced water treatment system is tolerant of a wide range of chemistries and is fully automated to provide continuous produced water treatment. This system may be used to treat produced water with a variety of contaminants, contaminant concentrations, flow rates, and stripping rates, making it flexible for use with produced water from nearly any location. Additional applications for the produced water treatment system include treatment of bilge waters and co-produced waters from other industrial processes, such as power generation. Print

OrganiClear is patented and has been field tested. IX Power is now taking orders for custom manufacturing with mass manufacturing in 2014. IX Power is the exclusive commercialization vehicle for this revolutionary method of treating produced water, converting a liability into an asset. 



  •     Removal of organic compounds from produced water and vapors
  •     Integrates with an existing produced water treatment train or forms the basis for a complete OrganiClear-based system
  •     Treatment of O&G produced water, bilge water, and water from other industrial processes


     Provides low-cost, environmentally safe treatment with low energy requirements   

IX Power Clean Water's OrganiClear technology cleans produced water from oil & gas, mining, and industrial operations even better than Mother Nature ...

IX Power Clean Water’s OrganiClear technology eliminates organic hydrocarbons from produced water even better than Mother Nature.

  • Keeps system costs low by using commercially available components and on-site recharging of the filter media
  • Eliminates expensive removal and reinjection costs associated with current disposal methods
  • Creates new source of usable water, especially in arid regions  
  • Increases RO system lifetime  
  • Cleans water with any level of BTEX and TDS, in the widest range of chemical concentrations, temperature, and pH
  • OrganiClear system cost will vary based on input, flow rate, and desired output. The organics removal process costs pennies a barrel. A complete treatment train using OrganiClear costs from $0.50 to $1.00 per barrel, saving operators from 20% to 80%, and does not create a toxic waste stream.

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