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The IX Power Clean Water Company

Power and water – these are the great equalizers.

IX Power is concerned about the amount of clean water projected for the future on Planet Earth.

The Earth offers only a relatively small amount of freshwater for people, animals and irrigation. How the planet will provide enough clean water in the future is a major concern at IX Power.

They are the two essentials for bringing up the standard of living in emerging economies and helping communities achieve their goals of prosperity. Without enough energy and clean water, communities are caught in a miserable cycle of poverty and disease that prevents them from summoning the resources, and the will, to move forward. But, “established” countries cannot take their current water and energy assets for granted either. As the global population increases and rightfully demands their share of peace and prosperity, so will the stresses increase on resources that enable clean energy and water.

IX Power can clean produced water from fracking and other processes.

“Produced water” from industry can contain dangerous carcinogenic organic hydrocarbon compounds.

An example of IX Power’s commitment to fostering innovative clean energy and water technologies can be found in its IX Power Clean Water company and new clean water technology. IX Water™ incorporates an exciting new process created at Los Alamos National Laboratory, offers a comprehensive method for cleaning water of dangerous contaminants. IX Water is more effective and less expensive than other processes. The unique “environmental bonus” of this innovation is that it does not create yet another waste stream in the process of cleaning the first.

IX Water™  is an important development for industry and the global community:

Oil spills make the headlines most often, but one of the greatest, less-publicized environmental challenges today is “produced water.”

Contaminated with carcinogenic organic compounds, “produced water” is poisonous enough that it can cause cancer and birth defects, sicken and kill people and animals, and destroy crops and native vegetation.

IX Power's OrganiClear removes dangerous carcinogenic organic hydrocarbon compounds.

IX Water removes dangerous contaminants.

Produced water is water recovered along with oil & gas in petroleum mining. It is a problem for the oil and gas industries because so much of it is created: 200 million barrels every day of the year. Industry has a choice: they can either dump it in surface ponds or inject it into deep wells OR they can clean the produced water for use in irrigation, as well as for livestock and human consumption. Most companies involved in these industries want to do what’s right for the environmentBut, with the cost of transportation to dump sites, even dumping and well injection are problematic and expensive—with costs being passed onto consumers.

IX Power Clean Water understands this problem and is providing a solution. In addition to providing a more environmentally-friendly solution for handling produced water, and lowering production costs for oil and gas, IX  Water enables a new water resource for people, industry, livestock, and agriculture. Additional applications for this important technology include polluted waters from other industrial processes, such as power generation, community waste waters, ground water cleanup, hazardous waste site cleanup, and as marine sanitary devices.

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