John Grizz Deal to speak at UCL Energy Institute

 Tech Transfer Secrets Revealed!

Our own John (Grizz) Deal, CEO, IX Power, will be addressing the prestigious UCL Energy Institute in London on March 20, 2012.  Grizz will deliver a custom talk entitled “TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER & COMMERCIALISATION AT THE WORLD’S LARGEST ENERGY LAB: LESSONS LEARNED.” 

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in New Mexico is the largest energy and physics laboratory on the planet. In addition to non-proliferation and other national security issues, LANL has a responsibility to assist in the transfer and commercialization of energy and science innovations to the commercial sector.

LANL’s efforts in tech commercialisation, now nearly 30 years on, have produced mixed results. This is due partly to the vagaries of government funding, but is also due in a large part to a misunderstanding on the part of industry in the difference between an invention and a product, and between bench scale prototypes and manufacturable goods. Add to this conflicting and often irreconcilable differences in its dual mission, and successful technology transfer and commercialisation is difficult at best.

The principals of IX Power of Los Alamos, New Mexico and London, England have spent the last 23 years commercializing innovations from LANL. This experience has resulted in a series of “lessons learned” and techniques IX Power is not only using in their own firm, but also imparting to other organisations, both government and industry.

Using actual examples—both successful and failed—this talk will focus on the key elements necessary to successfully transfer and commercialise innovations from public sector research and development facilities to the private sector.

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Deborah Blackwell