Solar Powers Water

Now, I like this!  Renewable, modern technology energy being paired with the cleaning of water.   

Sandra Chaloux is the president of Chaloux Environmental Communications, Inc.

Sandra Chaloux is the president of Chaloux Environmental Communications, Inc.

Fellow energy blogger Sandra Chaloux reviews some interesting information from Water Technology Magazine is her entry on July 18.  The story is about a municipality and their decision to integrate a solar power system to provide energy for their wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).

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Clean Energy Technologies Need to Step up their Self-Promotion

 I just saw another TV ad for the oil and gas industry. Boy, those folks must be making some heavy-duty profits in order to afford the flood of ads that it is purchasing.  (Who is ultimately paying for those ads?  You and me.)

Enough already!  I believe we need to employ all kinds of energy technology in order to meet the challenges of the future.  The percentage of each in the mix will be the question, and probably continually adjusted in the future. But the clean energy technologies need to step up their own promotion if they are going to ever come close to really competing with the fossil fuel segment.

Take for example the nuclear industry.                                                                                              

Did it DAWN on YOU who is really paying for all the oil & gas industry advertising?

The problem I saw when I became interested in nuclear several years ago, is that the nuclear industry is “timid” in comparison to the other energy industries when it comes to working for its interests. In the United States there is no strong champion with the same passion for nuclear that there is for natural gas, coal, oil.  Up until 2009 U.S. Senator Pete Domenici was the voice on the Hill for nuclear.  (He even wrote a book about nuclear: “A Brighter Tomorrow: Fulfilling the Promise of Nuclear Energy,” and edited another.) A couple of others were somewhat supportive but Domenici was the Man.  Now he is gone and I do not see a likely successor with equal fervor.

The association with the highest profile for being pro-nuclear – the Nuclear Energy Institute (bless their hearts) – still cannot go all out with the same kind of vigor and tactics used by, for example, the gas people.  Why?

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