Get The Facts Straight, Rachel

On her 17 August 2011 broadcast Rachel Maddow mis-informed her viewers about the National Nuclear Safety Administration, claiming the Republicans’ statement that they want to cut more than $600 million from the NNSA FY2012 budget is akin to “putting the little department that saves the world on the chopping block.”

Maddow, and her guest Congressman Ed Markey, repeatedly referred to the NNSA as a “little” agency responsible for running around the planet collecting Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) from which nefarious individuals could make a weaponized device. 

The NNSA is much more than that and is in fact RESPONSIBLE for all U.S.A. nuclear weapons development as well as non-proliferation activities (and a ton of other valuable research and services as well).

The NNSA is a major part of the US Department of Energy (DOE). The FY2012 budget request for the NNSA is for nearly $12 billion, nearly half of the overall $29 billion the White House has requested for the DOE. The FY2012 budget increase for the DOE is 12% more than what was enacted in FY2010. 

Ms. Maddow and her producers should know better than to confuse their viewers to make their point—which in the end turned out to be about jobs anyway.

See DOE/CF-0057, Volume 1, February 2011 for these data.