5 star recommendation for Dr. Swan’s book on history of derivatives

Dr. Ned Swan, U.K. Managing Director and International General Counsel

Dr. Edward Swan, IX Power

Dr. Edward Swan, IX Power

at IX Power Ltd recently earned a FIVE STAR review on Amazon for his book  “Building the Global Market, a 4000 Year History of Derivatives.”  Ned has written a number of books and journal articles; no small feat especially when you consider his unique life balancing act as a professor, attorney, business leader and devoted father.  

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Derivatives trading is now the world’s biggest business, with an estimated daily turnover of over US$2.5 trillion and an annual growth rate of around 14 per cent. Derivatives markets have ancient origins, and a long and complex history of trading and regulation. This work examines the history of derivative contracts, their assignability and the regulation of derivatives markets from ancient Mesopotamia to the present day. Dr. Swan concludes with an analysis of future regulatory prospects and of the implications of the historical data for derivatives trade and regulation.