There is a life after the lab.

 Presenting IX Power People

If you are retired from or have otherwise left Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), you still have a lot to contribute to science, society, the environment, and mankind. At IX Power People, we know and appreciate the value of your knowledge, experience, and skills.

IX Power People matches valuable talents with important technology projects around the world.

IX Power People matches researchers and scientists with valuable talent, experience and skills to important technology projects around the world.

The founders of IX Power Foundation, and our for profit corporation IX Power LLC, are former LANL staffers and industry professionals. As scientists and business people that have successfully started new companies – several spun out from LANL – we know that the transition to life after the lab can be difficult. That’s why we started IX Power People, a unique company that provides the infrastructure and support for a select set of people who want to put their skills to work on projects they find personally meaningful.

What We Are

IX Power People is a division of the IX Power Foundation, a not-for-profit created to advance clean power and water in emerging economies and developing regions of the world. IX Power People fills the “help humanity” mandate of the IX Power Foundation by keeping scientists and researchers working on projects that are meaningful and valuable not only to mankind at large, but that bring them personal satisfaction as well.

What We’re Not

IX Power People is not the typical “body shop.” We’re more of a “talent agency” for the world’s brightest scientists, engineers, and researchers. We’re not selling people back to the government. There are plenty of good companies out there that will assign you a number and find you a job based on a list of skills you possess. We market you based on who you are.

What We Offer

At IX Power People you are the boss, but without the headaches of starting your own company. You work on what you want to, when you want, where you want, for as long as you want. IX Power People compensates you as a “casual employee” – not a contractor (you get a W-2 at the end of the year). You enjoy the structure, benefits, and work opportunities that come with being associated with a company that understands you and accommodates your needs, objectives, and goals—instead of those of an outside investor or shareholder.

What We Do

IX Power People helps you locate and do the work you want to do. We market you – your skills, experience and knowledge – in a style that’s consistent with your personality and desires. In addition, we offer support and services that you would not have working on your own.

These services include:

  • Promoting you to industry all over the world
  • Coordinating and executing bids, SOWs, etc.
  • Handling your contract negotiations
  • Accounting: billing the client, reimbursing your expenses, providing you with a paycheck
  • Support personnel as needed to carry out direct tasks
  • Research, writing, editing, and other preparation support for papers and other submissions
  • Providing graphics and visuals support
  • Providing a professional identity: a IX Power Foundation email and postal address, phone number, web site, business cards, etc.

IX Power People

  • Allows you to work on just about any project, anywhere
  • Allows you to work and be paid by the hour, week, month, or by the project—depending on the assignments you accept
  • Markets you and your knowledge, skills, and experience to a global market
  • Saves you and your family the time and capital, as well as the stress, that comes from starting your own new business or marketing yourself as an employee or contractor
  • Offers the opportunity to share in the fellowship and tribal knowledge that comes with associating with other former Lab staff and people that have traveled this road before
  • Offers the prestige and access that comes from working with a not-for-profit that seeks to use the best people and most innovative technology around the globe

 To start the next phase of your career, start a conversation with us. Email: PowerPeopleatIXPowerFoundationdotorg


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