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IX Power Foundation

The IX Power Foundation is a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 that was founded by IX Power to advance innovative technologies, and the issues surrounding power and clean water for developing and undeveloped regions of the world.

The IX Power Foundation has a multi-purpose mission to:

  • Foster the creation and growth of innovative new products and services – particularly those offering clean, safe, energy and water solutions
  • Encourage the development and growth of innovative new companies in the American West – particularly in the Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana corridor
  • Coordinate and execute energy and water construction projects for “in-need” communities worldwide
  • Advocate for and assist with funding of specific energy and water projects
  • Provide education about evolving technologies and their role in a sustainable future for the planetIX Power is working to bring new technologies to provide cleaner water to people all over the globe ...
  • Encourage the growth of Clean-Tech companies worldwide

The Technologies the Foundation supports are:   

  • Clean – non-harmful to the environment or population
  • Innovative
  • Mass-produced
  • Reasonably priced for the circumstance
  • Tech companies that are altruistic to the client


The JeffCo Innovators’ Workshop

In keeping with its mission to encourage entrepreneurship – particularly for the growth of innovative “green and clean” products and services, the IX Power Foundation is the proud founder of the JeffCo Innovators’ Workshop.  The JIW is a forum for entrepreneurs and innovators in the Jefferson County area to share information, contacts and resources to support new business startups and innovative product development.  More information about the JIW, can be found at:

IX Power Foundation Business Consulting Services

The IX Power Foundation offers consulting services regarding all aspects of a product and business growth including, but not limited to: marketing, government relations, product  invention and development, intellectual property protection, and growth funding

The IX Power Foundation Publishing Company

IX Power Foundation Publishing focuses on print and digital media projects that offer a new way of viewing sometimes difficult to understand topics. Some of the company’s publishing projects currently include two books on energy issues and one on marketing and public relations for innovative startup companies.  Have a compelling book suggestion?  Contact the Foundation.

The IX Power Foundation’s Speaker Offerings

As a service to the global community, the Foundation offers speakers well-versed on a variety of salient topics.  These speakers are sourced from the IX Power Companies and from other organizations that the Foundation enjoys a relationship with, as well as from within the IX Power Foundation. For a list of topics, please visit our Speakers’ Bureau page.

The IX Power People Talent Agency

Providing the “brain power” to create and implement new technologies is equally as important as providing the technology itself. As part of its mission supporting clean water and power around the globe, the Foundation has created IX Power People – a unique “talent agency” for scientists and researchers from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). IX Power People works with former staffers from LANL to help them identify and work with projects around the globe that will make a positive impact on humanity and the environment.

for more information visit: IX Power People

IX Power Foundation Contact:

Deborah Deal-Blackwell, APR
Deborah at IXPowerFoundation dot org

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To contact the IX Power Foundation, Inc. please begin with our main office:

Phone:  303-277-9520

P.O. Box 16999, Golden, Colorado, 80402