The overall economic loss in Africa alone due to lack of access to safe water and basic sanitation is estimated at $28.4 billion a year, or around 5% of GDP.

IX Power was formed to facilitate baseload power and clean water in isolated and developing regions around the world. This will be accomplished by combining the most appropriate existing energy design, engineering, and construction techniques, with the use of cutting-edge technical innovations and agile development teams.

IX Power founders have the experience, skills, and knowledge necessary to carry out this mission, including over 120 years of combined technology product development experience, a firm foundation in the energy sciences, partnership with a host of international science and technology laboratories, established relationships with energy savvy engineering houses, international political know-how, and business development expertise, and a vision comprising both comprehensive, longer-term goals and practical, near term milestones.

IX Power’s stakeholders are communities that need help establishing clean, safe water and clean, safe power—and the organizations and governments assisting those communities.

IX Power is dedicated to developing clean technologies and making existing technologies cleaner.

IX Power is dedicated to developing clean technologies and making existing technologies cleaner.

What We Provide Stakeholders:

  • Unbiased perspectives in a technology-neutral manner
  • Implementation of real solutions today while anticipating future needs
  • Unbiased evaluation of today’s technical innovations and tomorrow’s emerging technologies.
  • Power Project Consulting
    • Provide the connection between stakeholders, capital sources, engineering & construction, and regulatory agencies within their specific context (providing the right solution for a discrete problem)
    • Additional Services Include
      • Site Selection & Development
      • Permitting & Licensing Services
      • Project & Asset Management
      • Project Finance
      • Long Term Planning & Integration of Technical Innovations
      • Plant design criteria & concept
      • Required engineering innovation & validation
      • Site planning & construction issues
      • Manufacturing & fueling capabilities
      • Licensing strategies
      • Operating standards, training & quality
      • Import/Export & transportation issues
    • Commercialization of Specific Technologies
      • Seeking innovations that have potential to either
        • Provide significant incremental improvement over existing products or methods
        • Stand on their own as discrete commercial products or services