Sending thoughts and prayers for those affected by Hurricane Sandy …

Video link to Washington Post of Hurricane Sanday

Queens, NY was hit with the one-two punch of not only water – but fire as well. About 80 homes were burned to the ground during the Hurricane. Hopefully, no one was lost in the blaze but it may be days before authorities are certain everyone got out alive. Click on the picture to see the video.


As dawn broke on the East Coast this morning, it was painfully evident that Hurricane Sandy (aka Frankenstorm) was unfortunately everything forecasters had warned it would be and sometimes more. IX Power will continue to send our thoughts, prayers and donations to the brave survivors of one of history’s most infamous storms.

NYC’s financial district really got a bath from Superstorm Sandy.

Here’s how you can help too:


Donate to the American Red Cross.  We have seen many news reports of the Red Cross whipping into action to mitigate the misery of people affected by the storm.

The Salvation Army had boots on the ground providing hot meals well before the storm even hit and they will be there long after. Donate directly to the Salvation Army specifically for victims of Hurricane Sandy by  texting the word “STORM” to 80888 to make a $10 donation through your cell phone. Or make a donation to the Salvation Army online.

Click here to read the Better Business Bureau’s advice on how to select a charity for your donations regarding Hurricane Sandy. 

Click here for more information on other charities assisting victim of Superstorm Sandy.

Click here for the FEMA site on how to donate and volunteer responsibly.

Thursday, March 8, 2012 — International Women’s Day!

Today is International Women’s Day.  We hope you’ll take a moment to consider the role that women play in society and the vast injustices that are still carried out against half the planet’s population.  We’ve posted here some sites you may find of interest …

To read about the history of International Women’s Day, we suggest you visit this site:  Photo by Deborah Deal-Blackwell.  Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

For a great article on women’s entrepreneurship, read this piece:   Unleashing Women’s Economic Potential

For an interesting editorial in the U.K.’s Telegraph today, CLICK HERE.

To mark International Women’s Day, UNESCO and the UIS have jointly released the World Atlas of Gender Equality in Education, which includes over 120 maps, charts and tables featuring a wide range of sex-disaggregated indicators. The vivid presentation of information and analysis calls attention to persistent gender disparities and the need for greater focus on girls’ education as a human right. The atlas illustrates the educational pathways of girls and boys and the changes in gender disparities over time. It hones in on the gender impact of critical factors such as national wealth, geographic location, investment in education, and fields of study.

The United Nations’ web site section on the Global Issues on Women is: HERE

Holiday Gifting Ideas

Can’t think of something appropriate or memorable to give the person who has everything this holiday season?  How about getting THEM nothing?

Instead …

Oxfam America and Heifer International offer gifts that everyone will like!

Get someone in need something that THEY REALLY NEED …

Like a a flock of ducks or geese for $20, a water buffalo for $250, a camel for $850.

The following are just two of our favorite organizations that my family has “purchased gifts” (practical donations) from in past Christmases.

Heifer International –

Oxfam America – 

Its simple (and actually fun) to make these donations to a needy family, village or individual …Will you get Uncle Lee the gift of mosquito nets to keep a family in Africa from getting malaria?  Or get your nephew Connor a water pump for a village in Haiti?  You choose from a variety of gifts online, put them in your cart just as you would with any online retailer, and pay for them as you would anywhere.

Recipient of Heifer International gift

After completing the checkout process, you will have the opportunity to create personalized cards to tell your friends and family that you have honored them with a gift to people in need.

You feel good.  The person you needed to buy a present for feels good.  And the needy actual recipient living in poverty gets something essential that could mean the difference between life and death.  Make a donation to a worthy charity in this fun and unique way and forget the soap-on-a-rope.

This Christmas and/or Hannukah, leave a lasting impression not only on the recipient’s soul, but yours as well.