5 star recommendation for Dr. Swan’s book on history of derivatives

Dr. Ned Swan, U.K. Managing Director and International General Counsel

Dr. Edward Swan, IX Power

Dr. Edward Swan, IX Power

at IX Power Ltd recently earned a FIVE STAR review on Amazon for his book  “Building the Global Market, a 4000 Year History of Derivatives.”  Ned has written a number of books and journal articles; no small feat especially when you consider his unique life balancing act as a professor, attorney, business leader and devoted father.  

Check it out for yourself at Amazon.com.


Derivatives trading is now the world’s biggest business, with an estimated daily turnover of over US$2.5 trillion and an annual growth rate of around 14 per cent. Derivatives markets have ancient origins, and a long and complex history of trading and regulation. This work examines the history of derivative contracts, their assignability and the regulation of derivatives markets from ancient Mesopotamia to the present day. Dr. Swan concludes with an analysis of future regulatory prospects and of the implications of the historical data for derivatives trade and regulation.

It’s the GREEN Economy Stupid! April 22 is Earth Day

The Great Disruption by Paul Gilding

Take a look at The Great Disruption by Paul Gilding. It makes sense to me that the planet has a finite amount of natural resources and we could run out …

Every year it comes and goes with not nearly enough attention from the mass media.  What am I talking about?  EARTH DAY.  Officially it’s Monday, April 22, although EVERY day SHOULD be Earth Day.  Contrary to deniers of climate change, the planet is changing.  Whether mankind is wholly responsible for this is something that’s been hotly debated.  But, while experts and subsidized deniers do their hot debating about who or what caused it, and whether or not it is a normal cyclical change, it continues to get even hotter, and we still have to deal with droughts, storms, loss of shoreline, loss of species, acidification of the oceans, reduced foodstock from the sea, lack of clean fresh water and more! AUGH!

Ignoring, evading, denying, and mocking the problem is not helping and all this takes precious time and resources away from actually doing something to prepare for the change that IS coming.  

The problem for most Americans is that we live our luxurious lives (compared to that of other nations) in air conditioned offices and homes far, far removed from the processes of farming, water purification, and energy resource extraction.  We don’t have to get our hands dirty.  We are only affected by increased prices.

But, this somewhat blissful shelter from the realities of climate change is not going to continue for long for Americans.  Soon, it will no longer be a problem for “the poor folks in Africa,”  Nope, the problem is going to come home and hit us hard, and not just in the form of an extra dollar per gallon of gas.

i’ve been reading “The Great Disruption – How the Climate Crisis Will Transform the Global Economy” and I would suggest it be read by everyone. Basically, the author talks about how climate change is just one of many factors that is going to affect the way we live on this planet.  It’s the kickstarter that people notice, but there are other factors such as the gobbling up of natural resources in the making of “stuff” that is going to change our idea of a successful and productive life.  Simply, we won’t have the natural resources to keep making stuff; we’re going to have to recycle to get even the basic materials and everyone is going to have to live with less stuff – particularly less “throwaway” stuff.  It’s a good read, but I’ve also added photos here of some of my other favorites.  

Take a look; pick up one of these books. Knowledge is power. Sticking your head in the sand will just irritate your eyes so you can’t see the truth.

Happy Earth Day everyone!

See more books and links to Earth Day websites below, including one where you can get the great bumper sticker that says, “It’s the Green Economy Stupid!”

Hot - Living through the next Fifty Years on Earth

Another insightful book discussing a proactive approach to climate change and dwindling natural resources …

T-Shirts, posters, and my favorite bumper sticker “It’s the GREEN Economy Stupid.” can be found on the home page of http://www.earthday.org





Earth - Making Life on a Tough New Planet, Bill McKibben

Earth – Making Life on a Tough New Planet by Bill McKibben – more suggested reading!


The End of Growth

The End of Growth is another good read.

IX Power Executives celebrate local event – NEW Library!

On a personal note: This may not have anything  to do with industry DIRECTLY, but I just had to share that we are finally getting a library out here in the wilds of South Riding / Stone Ridge Virginia (Loudoun County). Our beautiful, long-awaited brand spanking new library opens Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013. To lean more, visit my personal blog at:  http://www.SaintBlackwell.com

Loudoun County’s new Gum Spring Public Library has been years in the making, and now it’s finally here!

Loudoun County's new Gum Spring Library

The new Gum Spring Library will open February 23. It’s a beautifully open and sunny facility packed with brand spanking new books.

INNOVATION Magazine is a Great Read and the “go-to” source of information for New Technology

INNOVATION magazine is THE place to get news and insight into the world of new U.S. government technology.

The October / November issue is now online!

Read it at:     http://www.innovation-america.org

Innovation straddles and reports on two sometimes disparate worlds: business and technology. The magazine brings the parties together and engages in a national dialogue.  Articles are written in clear, understandable prose, without jargon, satisfying both investors who would be interested in the technological side and technologists who would be interested in the commercial and business side.  With a circulation of over 17,000,  Innovation is distributed in all 50 states.  The audience is scientists and administrators at national laboratories and research institutions, investors in technology companies, entrepreneurs and public officials involved in technology commercialization.Technology Ventures Corporation

Technology Ventures Corporation helps startup companies that are developing technology from the national laboratories.  Additionally, TVC looks to research universities for commercialization opportunities. Their goal is to increase employment opportunities and wealth in the technology industry.
There are two groups that benefit from TVC’s efforts—entrepreneurs and investors. TVC helps entrepreneurs strengthen their business case and prepare to raise funding from equity investors. In doing so, TVC creates value for investors as well, and is considered by many investors as a high-quality source of deal flow. TVC publishes Innovationwww.techventures.org 

A Good Read and a Great Gift for Business or Personal Occasions

I must admit I have always had an interest in business and personal advice books.  They are so tempting with their promises of “become a millionaire in five years.”  or “… turn your life around in 30 days” though I know that none of these things are going to happen to me – at least in the time-frame the title promises – I still figure I can glean a few worthwhile pointers.

Katie Couric's "The Best Advice I Ever Got - Lessons from Extraordinary People" provides advice from celebrated successful people that's applicable to business and life in general.

Katie Couric’s “The Best Advice I Ever Got – Lessons from Extraordinary People” provides advice from celebrated successful people that’s applicable to business and life in general.

I just finished a book, however, that doesn’t make grandiose promises yet offers some advice worth remembering for both business and personal life.

Even if she was not your favorite TV news celebrity (actually I like her myself) Katie Couric has a written an advice book worth recommending.  “The Best Advice I Ever Got – lessons from extraordinary lives” is chock full of juicy tidbits of advice and life lessons from celebrated people you want to hear from – people we all know that are respected in their field, from business to psychology to sports to chefs to show biz.  I’d also like to point out here that most of the advice, while it may seem like personal “life” advice is perfectly adaptable and adoptable to one’s business life.  In fact, most successful people don’t draw a line between the attributes they aspire to in their personal life and the attributes of their business life.

Some of the most memorable entries for me were:

President William J. Clinton, Be a Good Citizen

General David H. Petraeus, Be Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Jay Leno, Marry Your Conscience

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, Say Yes

Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo, Opportunity Will Find You

Morgan Freeman, Actor, You Quit, You Fail

The trouble with many advice books is I’m not likely to read the whole tome.  It’s just not entertaining enough, or even interesting.  I find myself jumping around looking for the key points, then getting bored and putting the book down.  Not this one. It’s a quick and easy read that gets its points across without boring or preaching. Often the advice entries from celebrities and luminaries are dished out in one or two pages.  I give Katie Couric‘s “The Best Advice I Ever Got – lessons from extraordinary lives” TWO THUMBS up!

Gift worthy?  Yes – Christmas, birthdays, business occasions, anytime

– Deborah Deal-Blackwell

U.S. DOE & TVC’s INNOVATION magazine – a GOOD read …!

Check out the U.S. DOE’s “INNOVATION MAGAZINE” April-May issue before June-July gets posted … good insight, good info!

Innovation straddles and reports on two sometimes disparate worlds: business and technology. The magazine brings the parties together and engages in a national dialogue.   The audience is scientists and administrators at national laboratories and research institutions, investors in technology companies, entrepreneurs and public officials involved in technology commercialization.

Click here to read it

Worth Reading: The End of Growth: Adapting to Our New Economic Reality

This book is well worth a careful reading. The author asserts that economists are caught up in the assumption that economic growth will continue into the foreseeable future and further asserts that their theory of continuous growth is wrong now and in the future.

 His theory is based on the three Ds:

1. Depletion of natural resources that feed our energy demand. This is worsening as China, India, Eastern Europe and African countries are starting enormous demands for energy.

2. Disasters that stress nations, destroy the environment, some evidenced by the search and harvesting of oil from deep-water sites. Reflecting on the impact of recent accidents, he describes a recurring theme in the future

3 Debt as reflected in housing, national debt, aggravated by the demands of #1 & 2, then bloated by government stimulus programs.

As you read this fascinating argument it becomes obvious that the underlying factor is the lack of sufficient, affordable, environmentally clean energy. It is energy that has had abundance, was cheap, was free from environmental controls that literally fueled the tremendous growth in the “developed’ countries.

The future energy potential is shown considering “clean” coal; wind, solar and hardly any nuclear. This is interesting in that of all the potential renewable, clean, efficient, affordable energy sources only nuclear power can be made to create an on going growth scenario. But the author does not take that path; perhaps demonstrating the lethargic steps being taken by our leaders and governments to develop plans to understand and to address the no growth change and to exploit the nuclear potential. Herein lies an enormous opportunity.

Dr. L. Robert (Bob) Libutti, posted by John R. Grizz Deal