IX Power Clean Water’s OrganiClear™ Inventor Dr. Jeri Sullivan Graham to head vital Water Work Group for New Mexico

           Dr. Enid (Jeri) Sullivan Graham of Los Alamos National Laboratory, who led the multi-lab team that created IX Power Clean Water’s OrganiClear™ technology, has been tapped by New Mexico’s Governor Susana Martinez to head up a key team working on one of that drought-ridden state’s most important energy and water science issues. Dr. Graham will be leading the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department’s (EMNRD) Brackish Water Work Group.

            The EMNRD has announced that the Brackish Water Work Group’s primary goals are to identify and gather available information on the brackish water resource in New Mexico and review existing regulations surrounding brackish water. The overarching goal of the group is to make brackish water more available and useable as a buffer against drought.

            “Jeri Sullivan Graham has incredible expertise in water treatment, particularly in the treatment of produced and brackish water,” said John R. (Grizz) Deal, CEO of IX Power Clean Water. “Her work in creating the OrganiClear technology will have a monumental impact on the way the oil and gas industry treats produced water. Now the State of New Mexico will also benefit from her expertise in brackish water, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the state’s precarious drought situation.”

            It is a well-known fact that New Mexico is entering its fourth year of extremely dry conditions. Nearly two-thirds of the state is dealing with severe drought or worse. For a map of the state’s drought conditions, visit the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

            Dr. Graham is a hydrogeologist and geochemist at LANL, working in the Chemical Diagnostics and Engineering Group, and earned a Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Science (Hydrology) from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. Graham will split time between LANL and EMNRD as part of the collaborative agreement.

            It was at LANL that Dr. Graham spearheaded the team to create IX Power Clean Water’s OrganiClear. Other key contributors on the project included Dr. Rob Bowman from New Mexico Tech, and Dr. Lynn Katz, Dr. Kerry Kinney, and Dr. Soondong Kwon from the University of Texas at Austin. 

OrganiClear was specifically designed to solve the issues surrounding the release of organic hydrocarbons in produced water from the oil and gas industry, as well as manufacturing and mining industries. The OrganiClear machine cleans water to the point that it can be safely used for agriculture and livestock and, with additional processes, can also be used for community water systems.

            To discuss OrganiClear™ for produced water, and OrganiClear VBR™ for air emissions, with a IX Power representative, please call: 505-661-1000, ext. 902 or email: info at IxPower dot com.

            IX Power Clean Water (pronounced Nine Power) is based in Golden, Colorado and is one of the IX Power Companies, a group focused on bringing game-changing safe power and clean water innovations to market. The companies also have offices in Washington, D.C.; London, England; and Moscow, Russia. Before starting the IX Power group of companies, Deal was the CEO of Hyperion Power Generation for four years. He co-founded Hyperion Power, the first commercial small nuclear reactor (SMR) company, along with the IX Power Leadership Team: Dr. Otis (Pete) Peterson, Dr. L. Robert Libutti, Randall Wilson, and Deborah Deal-Blackwell.

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