Colorado Passes First-of-A-Kind Air Pollution Regulations & IX Power is Ready to Assist Oil & Gas Industry with New OrganiClear for Airborne VOCs


           As Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) was voting Sunday (Feb. 23, 2014) 8 to 1 to approve an unprecedented set of new rules aimed at curbing methane and volatile organic compound (VOC) leaks, IX Power was already prepared to assist with the state’s oil and gas industry in meeting those new requirements. “As soon as the Governor (Hickenlooper) made his support for the new emission regulations known last Fall, our team swung into creating a new version of our OrganiClear technology for produced water treatment, so the product can now also be used in capturing and converting airborne organics from oil and gas operations.”

            OrganiClear, a technology-transfer project “spun out” from Los Alamos National Laboratory, was specifically designed to solve the issues surrounding the release of organic hydrocarbons in produced water. The OrganiClear machine cleans water to the point that it can be safely used for agriculture and livestock, and community water systems.

            “The new product, inspired by Colorado’s new emissions regs,” added Deal, “is a natural extension of OrganiClear, and utilizes its proven ability to capture and convert airborne organics from filter recharge in a produced water treatment system. We have modified the OrganiClear design to provide a robust Vapor Bioreactor (VBR) to meet and exceed these new emission standards. OrganiClear VBR is built to customer specifications, but all IX Power VBRs provide for a wide range of operating conditions, chemistries, and environmental conditions at an affordable price point.”  

            “OrganiClear will change how the world manages pollution from the oil & gas industry, mining industry, and in manufacturing,” further explained Deal. “As part of an operation’s treatment train, OrganiClear not only separates the dangerous organic hydrocarbons, it destroys them while creating no additional waste stream. While other existing processes leave piles of toxic consumables that then must also be disposed of, OrganiClear effectively “converts” the toxins leaving nothing behind for additional handling.”

             Cathy Proctor, energy reporter for the Denver Business Journal, reported that Colorado’s new rules are unique in several ways:

  • They cover the entire state of Colorado.
  • In addition to addressing the problem of VOCs, the new rules also target methane leaks. Colorado is the first state to do this. (Methane is much more dangerous than CO2 as a greenhouse gas.)
  • Routine checks for leaks and malfunctioning equipment and repairs are now required.
  • The entire natural gas chain is now involved. This includes the well site, storage tanks, gathering lines and compression stations as well as processing plants.

 To read Ms. Proctor’s latest story, visit:  Energy Inc. – Denver Business Journal.  

To discuss OrganiClear™ for produced water, and OrganiClear VBR,™ for air emissions, with a IX Power representative, please call: 505-661-1000, ext. 902 or email: email: info at IxPower dot com.

            IX Power Clean Water (pronounced Nine Power) is based in Denver, Colorado and is one of the IX Power Companies, a group that focuses on bringing game-changing safe power and clean water innovations to market. The companies also have offices in Washington, D.C.; London, England; and Moscow, Russia. Before starting the IX Power group of companies, Deal was the CEO of Hyperion Power Generation for four years. He co-founded Hyperion Power, the first modern SMR company to approach the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission with its SMR concept, along with the IX Power Leadership Team: Dr. Otis (Pete) Peterson, Dr. Robert Libutti, Randall Wilson, and Deborah Deal-Blackwell.

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