Saturday, March 22 is World Water Day!

At IX Power we believe that the first and most essential obstacle that must be overcome in order to improve life on Earth is the lack of clean water. We are devoted to finding methods for cleaning dirty produced water – some of the most potentially harmful water that can be found – and turning it into clean water for use in irrigation, by livestock, and even for consumption by mankind.  It’s possible, with technology such as that we are currently working on and hope to introduce to you soon.

Holding place

Holding place

In the interim, please take a moment or several, on Saturday, March 22 to observe World Water Day – it will remind you just how important this resource is for everyone, everywhere!

Thanks to the art department at IX Power, we have some attractive graphics that will provide you with a view of the worldwide water picture for freshwater and surface water.  It’s interesting information!


IX Power advocates turning produced water into fresh water.

Only 1% of all the water on the planet is freshwater. This pie chart illustrates how that 1% is divided up.




IX Power advocates turning produced water into freshwater.

This chart further breaks down how the fresh surface water on the planet is categorized. Graphics courtesy of IX Power Art Department.

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