Water to Stay on for Maryland County outside Washington, D.C.

IX Power Water Machines, OrganiClearGood news for Prince George’s County in Maryland:  While they are still going to be under water restrictions for a while – no lawn watering, car-washing, and they have to limit their showers and toilet flushes (pew in this weather!) –  they will at least have some water and shouldn’t be totally without for five whole days more or less!  

Yes, good news, but America’s lost the chance to see what’s it’s like to live without running water.   See earlier post on this subject below.

Still – maybe this incident will serve as a real wake-up that we have a dangerously aging infrastructure and while no one wants to pay higher taxes, it’s way past time to do something about it.  Taxes for infrastructure just need to be presented like a 2 x 4 across the butt:  We all pay up, or wake up one day to no water or electricity.  I’d rather pay up in advance.  What about you?

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