INNOVATION Magazine is a Great Read and the “go-to” source of information for New Technology

INNOVATION magazine is THE place to get news and insight into the world of new U.S. government technology.

The October / November issue is now online!

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Innovation straddles and reports on two sometimes disparate worlds: business and technology. The magazine brings the parties together and engages in a national dialogue.  Articles are written in clear, understandable prose, without jargon, satisfying both investors who would be interested in the technological side and technologists who would be interested in the commercial and business side.  With a circulation of over 17,000,  Innovation is distributed in all 50 states.  The audience is scientists and administrators at national laboratories and research institutions, investors in technology companies, entrepreneurs and public officials involved in technology commercialization.Technology Ventures Corporation

Technology Ventures Corporation helps startup companies that are developing technology from the national laboratories.  Additionally, TVC looks to research universities for commercialization opportunities. Their goal is to increase employment opportunities and wealth in the technology industry.
There are two groups that benefit from TVC’s efforts—entrepreneurs and investors. TVC helps entrepreneurs strengthen their business case and prepare to raise funding from equity investors. In doing so, TVC creates value for investors as well, and is considered by many investors as a high-quality source of deal flow. TVC publishes 

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