A Good Read and a Great Gift for Business or Personal Occasions

I must admit I have always had an interest in business and personal advice books.  They are so tempting with their promises of “become a millionaire in five years.”  or “… turn your life around in 30 days” though I know that none of these things are going to happen to me – at least in the time-frame the title promises – I still figure I can glean a few worthwhile pointers.

Katie Couric's "The Best Advice I Ever Got - Lessons from Extraordinary People" provides advice from celebrated successful people that's applicable to business and life in general.

Katie Couric’s “The Best Advice I Ever Got – Lessons from Extraordinary People” provides advice from celebrated successful people that’s applicable to business and life in general.

I just finished a book, however, that doesn’t make grandiose promises yet offers some advice worth remembering for both business and personal life.

Even if she was not your favorite TV news celebrity (actually I like her myself) Katie Couric has a written an advice book worth recommending.  “The Best Advice I Ever Got – lessons from extraordinary lives” is chock full of juicy tidbits of advice and life lessons from celebrated people you want to hear from – people we all know that are respected in their field, from business to psychology to sports to chefs to show biz.  I’d also like to point out here that most of the advice, while it may seem like personal “life” advice is perfectly adaptable and adoptable to one’s business life.  In fact, most successful people don’t draw a line between the attributes they aspire to in their personal life and the attributes of their business life.

Some of the most memorable entries for me were:

President William J. Clinton, Be a Good Citizen

General David H. Petraeus, Be Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Jay Leno, Marry Your Conscience

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, Say Yes

Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo, Opportunity Will Find You

Morgan Freeman, Actor, You Quit, You Fail

The trouble with many advice books is I’m not likely to read the whole tome.  It’s just not entertaining enough, or even interesting.  I find myself jumping around looking for the key points, then getting bored and putting the book down.  Not this one. It’s a quick and easy read that gets its points across without boring or preaching. Often the advice entries from celebrities and luminaries are dished out in one or two pages.  I give Katie Couric‘s “The Best Advice I Ever Got – lessons from extraordinary lives” TWO THUMBS up!

Gift worthy?  Yes – Christmas, birthdays, business occasions, anytime

– Deborah Deal-Blackwell

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