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There’s a hot discussion, with lots of good input, on SMRs that’s on the Linked-In group page “Nuclear Power – the Next Generation” Group. The discussion has been going on for some time now and is buried in the back. Anyone new to this group would not know its going on – so I’m just providing a little heads -up here and a direct link to the discussion…

IX Power is going to run off all the comments and send them over to the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board (SEAB), Small Modular Reactor Subcommittee (SMR) at the U.S. DOE  (Department of Energy).  This subcommittee apparently began its work in March 2012 and is to report back to the parent SEAB by this coming October. We will run off the comments at the end of June.

Any questions, just let us know!  Thank you!  Background on the SEAB follows below …

The SEAB subcommittee is tasked with identifying areas in which standards for safety, security, and nonproliferation should be developed for SMRs to enhance U.S. leadership in civil nuclear energy, as well as identify challenges, uncertainties and risks to commercialization and policies that may be appropriate to accelerate deployment in support of national goals. These considerations include economics, waste management and policy uncertainties. 

This does not include input on the current FOA for SMRs. The subcommittee is looking for new input beyond the current FOA (that horse has already left the barn – move on.)
The subcommittee had a public meeting at the Forrestal Bldg in D.C. on May 30, but not many people were there. What would you like the subcommittee to know, consider, put in its report back to the main SEAB for the future establishment of SMRs in the U.S.? I’m happy to copy and send in to the committee all the Linked-In comments that are posted. Please identify yourself and your experience, past or current job, or qualifications. Thanks, Deborah Deal-Blackwell, APR.

Here’s the link for more information about the subcommittee’s marching orders:


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