Luddites and “Cranks” continue to Bash Nuclear Power

My comments after reading a report published in U.S. News & World Report (article found here)

1. Conversion of energy to power is dangerous, no matter what method is used.

2. The FACTS are that nuclear power continues to be the safest, cleanest, most economical manner in which to produce electricity.

3. The Luddites against nuclear power rarely mention the health and safety issues inherent in solar, wind, coal, and natural gas because they have built their “brand” on being against nuclear power.

4. Nuclear power is the most regulated industry in the U.S. If the same attention to safety and health was turned toward coal, natural gas, and yes, even wind and solar, those power generation methods would no longer be economically viable.

5. The global energy and power challenges we face require serious thinking by serious people, not bombastic throw-away comments by a bunch of cranks.

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