Water – Cool, Clean Waaaater

We’re going to be talking a lot about water in 2012 at IX Power.  Without it, life is unsustainable.


Water, water ... it's NOT everywhere anymore. Especially CLEAN water.

In the United States most people don’t pay much attention to the growing water crisis.  We turn on the tap and its there! For the most part, lots of clean water – all we need, is readily available.  But in many parts of the world, water is as rare and precious as gold or diamonds. (and its getting that way even in parts of the U.S. – more on that in future postings.)

Did you know for example, that in the U.S. we use over 410 million gallons of water per day?

That homes and businesses use about 11 % of the total daily gallons, and in the U.S. drinking water supply, more than 2,300 chemicals that can cause cancer can be detected?

That Power Plants use about half of that 410 million gallons?

That we have a BIG problem with something called “produced water” not just in the U.S., but across the globe?

Produced Water is a “byproduct” – the hazardous waste –  that results from using water to drill for oil and gas. For example, large quantities of produced water are created when natural gas is extracted from shale rock formations, in a process commonly called “fracking.”  The produced water from hydraulic fracturing is processed at great expense in some countries (driving up the cost of oil and gas to the consumer), and poured into the groundwater and rivers in less responsible countries.

What’s in Produced Water?

A lot of salt, but also hydrocarbons such as oil and grease, industrial chemical additives (more about this later in upcoming postings), radioactive materials, and sediments.

YUCK!  If the drinking water, what little there is of it, doesn’t kill you, there’s plenty of other chances to shorten your lifespan with water — or WITHOUT it.

Water.  It’s a big subject.  Its one of the key issues that concerns the founders of IX Power, a major reason we came together, and one that we’re working on.

Look for more postings from us on this subject in the future.  We’ll be discussing the urgency of water, how to get it, how to clean it and share it …  please join the conversation!



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