Things I Learned from Steve Jobs

Like many entrepreneurs, I continue to look to Steve Jobs as an example of how one person’s vision, passion, and tenacity can have a positive impact on the world.

I only met Steve once (for some reason everything “knows” him well enough to call him by his first name). Coincidentally it was a week after I met John Sculley—the “professional” brought in to assist Jobs by running Apple Computer so Steve could focus on his strength: designing insanely great products.

Scully fired Steve from Apple Computer, which allowed Jobs to go off and “grow up,” and along the way move Pixar into the mainstream, and force UNIX into personal computers (Mac OSX), before returning to Apple to revolutionize music, movies, books, telecom, and how people view a consumer electronics firm.

This is what I learned from Steve Jobs over the years:

1. Companies like Microsoft will never be great because they have no “taste.” And instead just copy other people’s innovations. Ahem…take note China, Inc.

2. Jobs didn’t fail when he was fired from Apple Computer right as Macintosh was being born…Steve said he was rejected; much different from failing.

3. Jobs said his initial brush with death made him value each and every day.

Steve Jobs continues to have a profound impact on the entire planet.

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