Moscow School of Management Skolkovo

I had the pleasure of spending a week in Moscow in November as a guest lecturer at the Moscow School of Management at Skolkovo, just outside Moscow. The school is one of the premier MBA institutions in Europe and the East and was established to focus on entrepreneurial leadership for today’s fast moving economies.

Skolkovo was created and completely funded by industry but also enjoys the personal support of President Dmitry MEDVEDEV. In addition to an 18 month MBA program, Skolkovo has both Executive MBA and Executive Training curricula. Their campus is brand new and tuition includes housing at their on-campus hotel.

At the end of each MBA program, the students spend a semester building a business plan for an actual startup. I worked with the Startup teams on crafting their business and revenue models, determining product development milestones, and planning for business expansion. The proposed businesses range from Internet plays to new products in electric infrastructure, to an art training school, to component-based housing.

Skolkovo students tend to be more experienced than traditional MBA students. They are all multilingual, have business experience, and many already have advanced degrees in law, social sciences, engineering, and science.

The goal of the curriculum is to prepare people from all walks of life and all regions of the world to build and run their own firm. Skolkovo is a unique program; there is no other MBA program as current and relevant.

I am impressed with both the students and other faculty and look forward to additional opportunities to teach and mentor at Skolkovo. Check them out at

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