Read the letters to the Blue Ribbon Commission on Rod’s blog

Today I’d like to use this spot to draw attention to Rod Adams’ blog “Atomic Insights.”  Now, Rod’s blog posts are always fresh and interesting, but please read up on this one in particular:

The two letters to the Blue Ribbon Commission that are presented here – although they probably fell on deaf ears- along with all the comments, were excellent.  I have never been able to understand WHY this country doesn’t want to move beyond LWRs and reap the benefits of obviously better technology such as that offered by fast reactors.  

I beat my head on the walls in Washington, D.C. regarding this subject for 5 years at Hyperion Power. I believe just a relative few truly could admit they saw the potential – the rest were mired in their own political entanglements, ambitions, ambivalence, laziness, didn’t want to rock the boat, etc.
We must overcome this inertia in nuclear technology advances!  The U.S. is just getting further and further behind in nuclear energy leadership.  We will not prevent other countries from taking the reigns and leaving us in the dust.  Other countries are becoming more and more nuclear independent.  They will not NEED the U.S. anymore – our technology OR our permission.  The only way to monitor against  nefarious nuclear activity is to be on the ground, cooperating in every country, where nuclear energy is being pursued.  But, how can we do that if our own regulatory and political system prevents us from developing desirable improved technologies? 
Keep up the good work Rod – and all the rest of you that are standing up for fast reactors and true solutions for spent fuel. 
Deb Deal-Blackwell, APR       :-)

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