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IX Power was formed to integrate established engineering and recent technological innovations to provide baseload power and clean water for developing regions and emerging economies around the world.  

We’re passionate about people, power, potable water, and the environment.      

Baseload electric power and clean water are the “great equalizers.” They are the foundations upon which societies are built. Sufficient power and clean water are national security issues, both for those countries with an abundant supply and those without.

If a community does not have access to adequate power and clean water, it cannot advance sufficiently to become independent from subsidies provided by more developed communities and countries that may have dubious political reasons for supporting developing countries. This puts stress on the global economy.

Clean water and baseload power comprise the most basic health infrastructure. According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), over 2.2 million deaths each year are attributed to diarrhea caused by dirty water. Additionally, 1.8 million children under the age of five succumb to water-borne diseases, equating to an infant dying every 20 seconds from dirty water.

Power and water are inextricably linked. The production of power requires water while the treatment and distribution of water is equally dependent upon available and affordable power.

IX Power is dedicated to developing clean technologies and making existing technologies cleaner. The basic essentials of water and power also allow a community to create a more advanced infrastructure that will foster improved education, trade and commerce, industry, communications, and ultimately a stable political system. In turn, these assets promote a society that values its own culture, as well as the diversity in the world around them. Developed nations are, and should be, incentivized to help those less fortunate establish these essential assets for national and global security reasons.

IX Power (pronounced Nine Power) recognizes that establishing an appropriate type of energy to power conversion is not an easy task. IX Power has the expertise, tools, and experience to make these kinds of tasks easier and much more cost-effective than traditional approaches. We recognize the positive impact and opportunities provided to communities when they have clean, safe water and clean, safe power.

IX Power Fresh water

It’s surprising to many just how much of the planet’s fresh surface water is actually ice and snow! If the Earth is warming, what effect will the melting of all this frozen water have on the dry land and the populations residing in coastal areas?



IX Power was formed to help communities obtain both of these key assets.

  1. IX Power provides technology-neutral analysis to determine which types of power production best meet a community’s need
  2. We then bring appropriate global partners together to create a community-based solution
  3. And then provide the oversight necessary to achieve the desired results in the most effective manner possible.

IX Power is the convergence of power sources to create contextually appropriate solutions.